Monday, May 11, 2009


Name- Oilla
Creature/animal- Penguin
Sex- Female
Age- 4
Environmental Issue- Oil Spill Polution

Life Story- Oilla lives in the cold chills of the Antarctic. She was born in an igloo and raised by 2 very brave parents. Her mother and father were in a fatality oil spill. They were covered from head to tail in pure evil oil. They suffocated from the oil and died instantly. Oilla watched the whole thing, she tried her very bravest to rescue them. Luckily for Oilla she only had minor pure evil oil spilt on her so she was safe. She  is still traumatised by the accident and her home was wrecked.  She now needs a loving home and some care taken of for her to survive. She needs to recover and then get back on her two flabby feet and use her special powers!  It was only 2 weeks ago when after her parents had gone to penguin heaven that the emperor penguin(god) sent her a gift a gift of special powers to save any other penguins that were injured from pure evil oil. And to prevent it from happening in the future.

Special Powers- Oilla has a magical black blanket that freezes oil when it hits land/snow. She throws the blanket over the oil mass and with a blink of an eye the oil dissolves into the blanket and magically dissapears leaving no toxins in the blanket. She can then clean the other penguins with the blanket so they are safe and clean from pure evillness. 

All the money used to buy Oilla will go towards the animal welfare program. Helping animals recover from oil/pollution spills. She needs a loving home to take care of her so then she canb go out and fight pure evil forever! Also with Oilla comes a petition letter about oil spills and such. By signing this letter you would have helped many animals.

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