Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oriel - African Refugee Doll

Here's some more info on the Refugee situation in Africa ...

Burrundians returned to their country after 18 years living in refugee camps (since conflict in 1970s). 
One man and his two daughters was  lucky enough to return to his family land (with some struggle as it had been taken over by someone else).  He says, "To have a solid house and to be at home, this makes the biggest difference to me that I can think of. When I settled again here, I felt peace and happiness. Despite of all that I have lived and seen I was finally home."

Since 2002, some 490,000 Burundians have returned home with UNHCR help. UNHCR-funded returnee monitors visited more than 14,000 families last year, often intervening to ensure the protection and fair treatment of the returnees.

Two UNHCR non-governmental partners and Burundi's National Land and Property Commission have contributed to the peaceful resolution of several thousand land conflicts. And under its shelter program, UNHCR has provided nearly 90,000 families with building materials, as well mosquito nets to protect against malaria, which is endemic along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, and plastic sheeting to provide shelter from the rain.

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