Monday, April 6, 2009

50 words or more describing your mascot


a person, animal, or object adopted by a group as a symbolic figure especially to bring luck.

mascot has a french soul.
The term comes from the provincial "mascoto", which means " magic artifact, charm, talisman" moreover "mascoto" is the diminuitive of masco, which can be loosely translated as "witch". In other words, the intimate relationship between the mascot and the uncanny is clear even at the etymological level. If we need a further proof, masco comes from medieval latin masca "phantom" or "ghost". No wonder, then, that specters are haunting the world: mascots, puppets, dolls and avatars materialize on our computer screens, televisions And cellular phone displays.

Know your character inside-out then design it from the inside out!

Consider the following:
  • the environmental or social cause/ charity they represent
  • gender or lack of
  • their abilities, special gifts or powers
  • age
  • manifestation ie is it animal vegetable or inanimate object
  • physical qualities- size, ancestory, facial features, body type, posture, movement, dress and accessories, colour
  • humour, hobbies, activities personality traits,etc
  • homelife where do they live do they even have a pet?
  • check these cool recycled dolls

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