Saturday, April 25, 2009

Susie Beame -Designer Toy

Cause: Anti smoking

Tens of billions of marketing dollars are spent on tobacco advertising worldwide annually, most of which is aimed directly at recruiting new smokers. The most highly valued recruit is the young consumer. In fact, the younger the better, because cigarette companies know that kids are easier to lure in and hook on tobacco, and young people have decades of smoking years ahead of them. Our children are the life blood of the tobacco industry. Without them, their consumer base would dry up as tobacco products kill off long-time users.

Worldwide, most people start smoking before the age of 18, with nearly one quarter of them trying cigarettes for first time before the age of 10.  Also, the younger a child is when he or she starts smoking, the stronger the odds are for long-term addiction.  And smokers who start very young seem to be less likely to quit.

Introducing "Buster"

"Buster" the healthy heart & healthy lungs monster, has devoted his life to educating kids & teens about the horrible effects of smoking and "busting" underage smoking.

"Say NO to smoking or I'll kick your butts!" he shouts as bounces around and punches the air.

Buster's Story

Buster's Mum was a heavy smoker, but a kind & caring mother.  He adored her.  She developed lung cancer and heart disease when Buster was only 8 years old and she died a slow painful death less than 4 years later.  He missed her terribly and at that time of his life he saw many people smoking and even friends taking up smoking in their teens and he thought they were real losers.

Through Buster's loss came incredible inner strength and determination to promote anti-smoking, fitness, exercise and healthy eating.  "It's not rocket science," he says, "Don't smoke, be happy, live long and strong!"

Although Buster appears to be a bit of a beafcake (pumped up attitude and body), he is incredibly compassionate and streetwise and found people are drawn to his magnetic personality and charm.  He actually possesses a magical power to persuade and influence people.

The most important thing parents can do is quit smoking themselves, he says: "Actions speak louder than words."  Model healthy behaviour and become strongly engaged in your children's lives.

All sales from each "Buster" toy will be directed and donated to Quit Smoking campaign and focussing on educating our young.

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