Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kats Vintage Babe


Cause: Clothing/Textiles build up and wastage=Pollution

In the UK 1million tonnes of textiles are disposed of annually, between 400000 & 700000 tonnes of these are clothes that have been sent to landfill & at least 85% of this could be recycled. Almost all textiles can be respun into new fabric or recycled as new clothing, cleaning cloths or filling materials. My designer toy is here to show all those fashion crazy girls that a brand new outfit every week or so isn’t necessary & buying or swapping second hand clothes can be just as fashionable, cheaper & help save our environment.

Her story: Vintage Babe grew up in London; she never had a lot of money growing up. Vintage babe couldn’t afford all the newest clothes like her classmates, evry1 called her raggedy anne. Vintage babe took up a job delivering papers before school every Thursday, it was a hard job and the pay wasn’t very good but Vintage Babe had one thing in mind. A Sewing machine! She saved all of her money until she was able to buy a sewing machine, as soon as she got the sewing machine home she quickly took it out of the box & started to cut up & redesign all of her old clothes, she discovered a cute little opshop just around the corner from her house & would buy old clothing & materials every time she got payed. Vintage babe would sit at home most nights sewing a new outfit until one day at school a girl came up to her and asked were she was getting all of her beautiful clothes from? She replied “ they’re one of a kind pieces that I buy from the opshop & alter “. The girl asked Vintage babe if she would bring her shopping and show her how she makes old clothes look new and even funkier than all of the mass produced clothing in stores. From that day on Vintage Babe was one of the most popular girls in school, everyday she had someone coming up to her for advice on how to recycle old clothing into new.

One Day Vintage Babe was approached on the streets by a tall thin man in a very fancy suit. “Vintage Babe” he said “yes “she replied in her soft voice, “we’ve been hearing a lot about you & your new approach to recycling, would you be on our new TV show to inspire the rest of your country with your fashion recycling tips and hints?” From that day on Vintage Babe became an icon for fashion but not only that, she has showed hundreds of fashion crazy girls how to have there small part in saving there planet by recycling, reusing & refunking old clothes.

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