Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Designer Toy "Global Warming Mascot" - Posted by Julie Davenport

Hope’ and ‘Moi’

Polar Bear Mascots

To Remind us that these amazing mammals are an endangered species!

Recently times have been tough for my character named ‘Hope’.She is a Polar Bear from the Arctic Region where ‘Global Warming’has been melting her ice-land habitat making things difficult. This spring ‘Hope’ gave birth to two cubs a boy named ‘John’ and a girl named ‘Moi’. For several days she had travelled across the icy wilderness to find a suitable place to make her birthing place in the ice. She nurtured both cubs for three weeks but ‘John’ became ill and died one night at a month old. Devastated, ‘Hope’ left, carrying ‘Moi’ for days back across the ice to see her sister ‘Faith’ whose cubs were both now nearly 2 years old and would soon leave her and ‘go it alone’. As ‘Hope and Moi’ arrived in their family’s region they met up with some large male bears hurrying in the opposite direction. She asked them what was wrong and they told her that ‘Poachers’ (Human Beings) had managed to get closer that ever before by ship to their territory and that they had killed at least 6 male bears yesterday. ‘Hope’ slumped down fearing she may know some of them, (later she found out that one of them was ‘Moi’s’ biological father ‘Johnson’) she cried. Tired from carrying ‘Moi’ she sat down on the thin ice to think and catch her breath. She feared for their lives but hoped that the ‘Poachers’ would spare the mothers and cubs, as they only wanted the skins of the bigger bears to keep as a trophy on their lounge-room floors. ‘Moi’ was hungry and tired and ‘Hope’ struggled to get comfortable to give her a feed, but she must do all in her power to make sure ‘Moi’ survives to carry on the species. ‘Moi’ snuggled up all warm and cosy as she fed on mother’s milk, forgetting her worries she fell deeply asleep. Darkness came as ‘Hope & Moi’ finally arrived at ‘Faith’s’ place. All 5 bears rejoiced at seeing each other again and were comforted by the knowledge that they were ‘all’ still alive. ‘Moi’ was doted over by one and all as she had just started to walk and looked so cute. Later on they enjoyed a meal of seal together and lay on the creaking ice and snow watching the stars and auroras lighting up the night sky and talking and dreaming of better days.

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