Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Candys - anti-whalling toy

Toy Designer doll

Name: Aquarria
Age : 505
Sex : Female
Job Description: To Fight those who destroy beautiful creatures.

Special Powers: Whirlpool of anilation

Aquarria's Story

Aquarria is a beautiful sea mermaid, who's home is the atlantic and pacific oceans where she patrols and keeps constant watch of her teritory.

This is an extremely important role to her as she protects the large pods of whales that circumnavigate the world.

There is evil upon those waters, as vessels cruise the waters in search of her whales for they have one thing on their minds KILL all in their path. These vessels are armed with huge spears which are launched at any species of whale.They are then dragged up on to the ship where they are slaughtered for their meat and other by products which are used for consumption by an asian race.

Aquarria hunts down these despictable vessels and users her powers to anilate all those on board.

Aquarria swims down to very deepest depths of the ocean and this is where she begins her attack on the ships. She swims as fast as she can in a circle until the spinning vortex of death appears, as it grows bigger and bigger in size a huge funnel on top of the ocean appears, it sucks in the vessel as it goes spiraling to the depths of despair where no can find it.

Help Aquarria to stop these vessels from causing massive exinction to our beloved mammels.



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