Sunday, May 10, 2009

LuLu : Meet Tick-Tock Jones

Ambassador for The Earth Against Global Warming Foundation.
Tick-Tock Jones was born in London, England. After completing High School in London, he went on to study World History at University. Jones travelled the world after his years of schooling and found himself passionately involved in campaigns much alike Green Peace. He has rallied for environmental causes all over the globe. When he first heard about Global Warming, he was shocked to realise that his beloved city, London, was where the Industrial Revolution first began to pollute the Earth.
Since then he has been traveling all over to teach people about the many ways they can help reduce their impact on the world's resources to help minimise Global Warming. 

Tick-Tock Jones has dedicated his life to saving Earth. He has undergone surgery to install a timer in his chest as a reminder that time is running out and that we must make changes to our lifestyles now.

Tick-Tock Jones may not have any super powers but he sure is a super wonderful human being, 
and he will do all he can to make people see just how great our earth is and why we must cherish it.

Tick-Tock Jones is more of a designer figurine than a doll. He is a collectors item of our current times that is meant to remind the people that the power is in our hands. I decided to use a human form for my character because i think that humans seem to identity and act upon an issue faster and with more force if the issue directly affects humans and their own lives.

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