Monday, May 11, 2009


Jade Thomas - Toy (locked in)

My character is based on a person with 'locked-in syndrome' which causes the person to have no movement in any of their muscles except their eyes. These people are literally, locked in their own body. Often although the person is pretty much capable of nothing, their intelligence still remains. I made my toy out of heshen sack material, this left my toy looking frayed and beaten. I found this to be highly effective for issue.

I decided to give him a large head because he has lots of thoughts circulating around in his head. His legs and arms and even stomach are small and flat in comparison to his head. I think this also helps us understand his body is not often (never) used/exercised. I made sure he had large eyes are it is the only window into these kinds of people. For his mouth, it's stitching, representing he cannot speak.

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